AVR Tools

Fuse Calculator

Timer Settings


  • Baud Rate Calculator

    Actual baud, error rate, and character and bit timing.

  • Timer Calculator

    Allows settting of prescaler, desired timing (in millseconds, microseconds, or Hertz), whether computing base rate or toggled [double frequency], showing compare values, actual rate, and error percentage, and timer overflow periods.

  • TWI Calculator

    Computes TWI (I2C) frequencies based on register values as well as computing register values based on desired frequency.

  • Watchdog Calculator

    Computes times for number of 128kHz watchdog cycles.

  • FMUL Calculator

    Computes AVR fractional multiplications.

  • 32-bit Number Calculator

    Converts between decimal (integer and floating point), hexadecimal integers, and IEEE-754 floating point. Can switch between little and big endian formatting.

  • ASCII Calculator

    Computes between character strings, ASCII hex, and binary values.


  • http://www.jarkonkotisivu.org/AVRcoder/

  • Peripheral Configuration Tool

  • erzeugt Code für den Win-AVR Compiler

  • gut, aber vorsicht! z.B: wird bei Timer2 Compare Interrupt das falsche Enable-Flag in TIMSK gesetzt

Codevision AVR Compiler

  • http://www.hpinfotech.ro/cvavre.zip

  • frei bis 3k Code

  • enthält einen guten Configuration Wizard; der Wizard läuft auch unter Wine

  • ich habe den Compiler unter Wine nicht getestet

  • Achtung: der Code wird nicht für den Win-AVR-Compiler generiert, daher stimmen z.B: die automatisch erzeugten Interrupt-Aufrufe nicht

HAPSIM - Helmi's AVR Periphery Simulator V2.17